Childcare Fees

  • Full time spaces are offered for all programs
  • Part time spaces are dependent on availability
  • A $50.00 non-refundable registration fee is paid upon enrolment
  • Monthly fees are paid through post-dated cheques

Parents may be eligible for a financial subsidy from the Province of British Columbia Affordable Childcare Benefit Program (ACCB), to assist with childcare costs. To find out if you qualify for the affordable childcare benefit and for additional information contact the Child Care Services Centre at 1-888-338-6622 or visit this website.

Monthly Child Care Fees for Queensborough as of December 2022

(all fees are subject to change)

In 2018, the Provincial Government introduced the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative which provided a reduction in fees for parents with children in infant and toddler care and in three to five year old care. The amount in the column marked BC government Fee Reduction Initiative is the amount parents will pay providing this initiative remains in place. Currently, the Government has not given any reduction in fees for parents with children in Out-of-School programs, so fees are as posted.

Child Care Fees 5 Days/wk 4 Days/wk 3 Days/wk 2 Days/wk 1 Days/wk
Preschool 860.00 734.00 587.00 426.00 267.00
* BC Gov. Fee Reduction Initiative 315.00 298.00 260.00 208.00 158.00


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