About Us

Kolumbia Inn Daycare Society operates licensed group care for children from birth to school age in New Westminster. K.I.D.S., a non-profit society, has been providing quality, inclusive child care since 1985.

Our Victoria Hill and Queensborough facilities are purpose-built childcare spaces and offer dedicated indoor and outdoor play environments for each program. K.I.D.S.’s committed staff team is comprised of qualified and experienced educators.

Our programs are inspired by the understanding that play is an indispensable part of supporting children’s development and early learning. For more detailed information please see our philosophy, history, staff team, programs and, FAQ’S.

At K.I.D.S., we believe that warm, caring, and respectful relationships with our Early Childhood Educators are vital for children’s overall well-being and allow children to feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and security.

We believe in offering safe, stimulating, and joyful environments that allow children to try out things, follow their natural curiosity, have multiple opportunities to take risks, and celebrate their achievements. We understand that children are entitled to environments and opportunities that foster positive development and value inclusion and diversity. We recognize the importance of our natural environment and help children learn to love, appreciate, and respect nature.

At K.I.D.S. we believe that children learn best through play. We understand that play allows children to make connections between the things they encounter in their world such as people, nature, places, and materials, learn through interactions with their environment, explore different ideas, and be creative. In our programs, children have time and freedom to play in both indoor and outdoor environments daily.

In addition to valuing relationships, environments and play when planning and implementing our programming, we also consider all aspects of a child’s development and well-being. We offer opportunities for children to develop their emerging skills and knowledge and explore visual arts, music, language, literacy, math, and science concepts. We support children’s physical growth by providing activities that focus on motor development and by ensuring that children have their nutritional, sleep, and self-care needs met. We believe in the importance of supporting children’s social and emotional development and help children to begin recognizing and regulating their emotions and nurture their emerging interpersonal skills, such as negotiating, communicating, and problem solving. We build on the caring, respectful relationship between children and educators to help children learn about friendship, respect and care for others, co-operation and to foster children’s self-respect and positive self-esteem.

At K.I.D.S., we value our staff and respect their skill and commitment to their profession. We also believe in staff accountability and responsibility. Hence, we adhere to the Early Childhood Educators of BC Code of Ethics and ensure ongoing professional development for our staff team.

We believe in the importance of respectful, reciprocal, and trusting relationships and open communications between parents and educators in order to meet the needs of each individual child in our care.

We appreciate that our programs are enriched by the contribution of each member and welcome families to be involved in their child’s child care experience. We invite parents to be part of our society by being engaged in practical ways such as taking part in garden work parties or by joining our Board of Directors. As we believe in the importance of building a sense of community, we also celebrate our families with our annual Summer Pool Party and Winter Skate Party.

At K.I.D.S. we believe that all children have the right to learn, play, and belong in the most inclusive environment possible.

We value inclusion and diversity and honour all members of the Society.

We recognize and value individual needs. Children who require additional support will receive the supports and services they need prior to entry.

We work in close partnership with local community support services to meet the needs of all children.


K.I.D.S. Child Care

236 Ross Drive, New Westminster, BC, V3L 0B2
Phone: 604.524.0522
Fax: 604.524.6941
Email: kidschildcare@shaw.ca

Queensborough KIDS

490 Furness Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M 0M1
Phone: 604.553.1772
Fax: 604.524.6941
Email: info@queensboroughkids.ca