A Look Back

Kolumbia Inn Daycare Society is a registered Society and has charitable status. The society was established in 1985 by a dedicated group of Royal Columbian Hospital employees seeking quality care for their children.

Our first home was a series of portables adjacent to the 1950’s building on the RCH grounds. Back then, we provided care to 16 preschoolers and 8 infants and toddlers. However, with the construction of a new RCH tower, relocation became necessary and a dedicated Board of Directors began the task of securing the necessary funding for the move.

A purpose-built modular building was constructed, giving the society the opportunity to expand its operations. In September of 1995, the new K.I.D.S. opened on a piece of property behind RCH and was licensed for 24 preschool-age children, 12 infants and toddlers and 12 Out-of-School care (known as our “Leaders”) spaces.

We entered into a new and exciting partnership with BC Housing, Fraser Health and The Good Samaritan Society. A building was being constructed in Victoria Hill (on the former Woodlands site) that would house a variety of Fraser Health clinics, an assisted living organization and K.I.D.S.

In 2005, our portables were moved to Victoria Hill while we awaited the completion of our new home.

In 2008, we moved into our brand new center that was licensed for 25 three to five year olds, 12 birth to three year olds, and 25 school-age children.

We celebrated our 25 years as a society in 2010 and commissioned a local artist to create a mural in the toddler playground. Mosaic tiles made by the seniors from the Good Samaritan Society, K.I.D.S. staff, and families were intermixed with the beautiful painting to celebrate our surroundings, connections, and partnerships.

In 2013, KIDS was awarded the “contract” to operate the first city sponsored child care in the newly renovated Queensborough Community Centre. In January 2014, Queensborough KIDS was opened and was licensed for 25 children ages three to five years of age.


K.I.D.S. Child Care

236 Ross Drive, New Westminster, BC, V3L 0B2
Phone: 604.524.0522
Fax: 604.524.6941
Email: kidschildcare@shaw.ca

Queensborough KIDS

490 Furness Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M 0M1
Phone: 604.553.1772
Fax: 604.524.6941
Email: info@queensboroughkids.ca