Are you a peanut-free centre?

Answer: We are an allergy-aware facility. Families are welcome to bring any type of food that they wish.

Children/adults with allergies are required to provide all food/medications and follow all safety protocols.

I would rather my child not nap, can they just stay up?

Answer: the child care environment is a busy and active one. Rest time is a healthy part of a young child’s development and often the ability of a child to be successful throughout the day and ensuring that they receive enough rest.

What if my child is sick?

Answer: To attend the centre, each child must be well enough to participate in every aspect of the program. While we are sensitive to the difficulties illness may cause families, we are not licensed to care for children who are unwell. You will need to keep your child at home or make alternate arrangements.

Why do I have to commit to hours of care, what happens if I am late?

Answer: Pick up and drop off times are coordinated with staffing schedules ensuring that ratios are met in each program.

If you are unable to pick up at the contracted time, please make alternate arrangements with a friend or relative and contact the child care with the name and number of the pick-up person.

Frequent lateness may indicate that K.I.D.S. does not meet your family’s need and you may need to make alternate child care arrangements.